Cupcakes: How I told my coworkers

So about a week and a half ago two of my co-workers came up to me at separate times during the day to ask if I was pregnant. I guess my eating habits had them a bit worried and the fact that I was wearing larger clothes... well, not larger but more flowy... had them wondering. The whole office knew I was on weight watchers so my change in eating habits was very apparent. I told both that sorry, but no, I was not pregnant.

Than I rushed into my manager's office and had the CEO come in as well to tell both of them. The big boss was on vacation that week so I had to wait until Monday to tell her (this was a Wednesday). So I told my boss on Monday and she was more than happy for me. She was worried that I had been stressed lately and have been eating because of the stress so she was more than elated to find out that I was eating because I'm really, really hungry and just a bit stressed :)

On Tuesday I decided to bring in a little treat for my co-workers to let everyone know what was going on. Here's what I did:

If you can't read the lettering it says "I'm Pregnant" in blue and pink. The cupcakes were a great hit and no one wanted to mess up the message so we started to eat the swirls and plain ones first. Than my CEO took the apostrophe and said that I was just not grammatically correct. Than I was ghetto because someone took the "M" in "I'm". Than when most of the letters were gone a few people tried to mix around the remaining letters to create other words. All much fun and everyone is excited :)

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