Intelligender: Will It Work?

So I saw someone talking about this product on a message board I frequent and it really piqued my curiosity. The Intelligender test claims to be able to tell you the sex of your baby at as early as 10 weeks. It's a pee test and turns either yellow/orange for a girl or greenish for a boy. I found a local maternity boutique who sells them and am going on Monday to pick one up. I'll post the results Tuesday night! Oh, and I haven't mentioned it to Joseph yet...

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Tessa said... Reply To This Comment

I was going to say "don't tell me the results", because you know of course I want to guess the sex of the baby myself since I have been correct 100% of the time with my girlfriends. That being said, I'm going to say "girl" now. I've been thinking it for weeks now, but haven't said anything to you because I haven't had the "ah-ha" moment yet where it hits me like a truck. But since that's the vibe I get everytime I see you, I'll say that now before you take the "Intelligender" test. LOL! Can't wait to see if it actually works!!!!!!!!!!!

mrsdanigirl8 said... Reply To This Comment

I really hope you're right because I haven't said it out loud (thinking HEALTH baby... not boy or girl) but I really want a girl too :)