Green and Yellow: Painting the Nursery

So I forgot to mention one of Joseph's new purchase. The total was a bit over $150. What did he buy you ask? Paint. Three cans of it. Yup. Three cans for $150. But it's special paint. Special enough that I can help him paint the room once the time comes... he went out of his way to make sure I could paint with him :) Haha... gotta love that.

So we went with two colors, green and yellow. We want to keep everything neutral even when we find out the sex and green and yellow just seem perfect for any child at any age. We went with "Brand New Morning" for our light yellow and "Silly Old Bear" for our light green. Yeah, they're Disney paint colors :)

Now we just have to get rid of the painted wallpaper in the back bedroom, clear out the room of all excess furniture and clean the carpets before we start painting. Now the wallpaper stripping is something I cannot help Joseph out with. YEAH! Just kidding! I'm sure we'll wait until after we get back from Switzerland to start all of this craziness.

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