Busy Weekend = Tired Me

A few months ago my boss and I attended a Hats Off to Women luncheon for the Habitat for Humanity. One of the focuses of the luncheon was a new Women's Build that Habitat was doing where they use all-women volunteer teams. We thought it would be a great team-building exercise for our office and looked into it right away.

We tried to book something relatively close but everything was booked up so my contact there said she would call me when openings came up. I contacted her a few months later and found out that there was an opening in August for a Saturday build bu we would be limited to 10 people. I booked it right away and spread the word in our office to have people sign up. I though I'd have to tell people they couldn't do it because we have like 15 plus employees and only 10 slots. Well... turns out NO ONE wanted to help us out. Everyone was conveniently busy or already had plans even though I spread the word a month in advance.

So I had my dad, uncle and husband come and my boss had her husband, son and daughter come. The only other co-worker who said she'd do it is also my boss' neighbor and is friends with my boss' kids so she invited her sister. Everything turned out great and what should have been a team build for the women in our office turned out to be a really nice day with friends and family.

All in all it was great but I was more than exhausted when everything was done. We were to work from 8:30am to 11:30am and have lunch for 1/2 hour to 1 hour and than work up until 3pm and than clean up till 3:30pm. Well my body gave up at about 2:30 and I couldn't do anything else so I sat out the end. It was ok though because everything we could have done got done. YAY for us. Here's a few action shots:

Co-worker, me, co-worker's sister (left to right) inbetween painting (can you see how bloated I am?)

Boss and co-worker's sister doing some caulking

Boss' son helping with the siding

Habitat worker, Boss' husband, my husband (left to right) working on siding

My dad & uncle working on baseboard, co-worker painting (left to right)

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