12 & 13 Weeks: 2nd Appointment and Belly Shot

I'd love to say that I've been really busy and haven't had time to get to a computer since the beginning of the week but that'd be a lie. The truth? I'm lazy :) Yeah, I admit it. I love reading everyone else's blog updates but when it comes to my own I always procrastinate.

Well... last week we had our second appointment. We got to see the little one moving and squirming around everywhere. S/he was doing flips and turns while we got to watch! And we definitely saw a strong heartbeat too! I know I posted my 12 week belly shot on the side but I thought I'd also include a 13 week too. Almost all of my bloat is gone and I have a tiny belly. Definitely don't look pregnant yet but its something.

I couldn't just choose one of the u/s pictures the midwife sent home with us so I decided to post all 5! Please feel free to comment. I love #3... we could see all of the little fingers on his/her little hand :)






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Pilar Zimmerman said... Reply To This Comment

Yup I can see a pregnant belly!!! Yay!!! I like U/S pic 4!!! :-)

Sarah D. said... Reply To This Comment

Wow. How Great! Miranda told us the good news last night. Congrats you guys!


Sarah & Josh Ladick

Miranda said... Reply To This Comment

the fingers the fingers <3

love that little onion. can't wait to hear how tuesday goes. love you guys! xoxo