Growth: Baby and Me

So yesterday my baby was officially a fetus! YAY for baby. Some say baby is the size of a green olive :) That's a big jump from the raspberry they said the baby was last week. Fingers and toes are growing and by the end of this week they will be formed. We might even be able to HEAR the heartbeat if we went in and used a doppler (hopefully we'll do this at my next appointment!). Baby is also growing nipples and hair follicles but if it's anything like me we'll see more baldness than hair :) It's so cool to read about all of the things that are changing with me and with baby.

So if baby is the size of an olive why am I so big? Haha... that's the irony about this whole thing. I don't look pregnant yet (and probably wont for a few more months) but I do look very... unfit to say the least. This is probably the hardest thing for me. I can't tell people because I want to wait until we're somewhat in the clear but everyone keeps taking a second look at me because I was loosing weight and on Weight Watchers and really just exercising and counting points the best I could. So now when people see how much I'm eating (and yes, my co-workers do notice these things) they assume that I just quit Weight Watchers and "going at it" per se and letting myself go. I just can't wait to see what they say when they find out I'm pregnant and not just fat. That will be a great day! Oh, and everyone's always talking about how big my boobs should be right now and for the record... no change! Yes, they are super heavy right now but those voluptuous Victoria Secret model breasts are no where in sight. Ok, yeah, I was big to begin with but I want to see that cleavage!

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