A Giant Weight Lifted: Crisis Averted

So I did what I should have done on Saturday... I called the doctor's office. I left a message for the nurse on call this morning before we went to breakfast at the hotel and near the end of our breakfast I received a phone call.

The nurse on call was wonderful. She asked a few questions. The one that clicked with me... have you had sex (well... she used "intercourse" but come on...) in the past few days. Hmmm... let me think. Yeah, on Saturday! Well, since I am pregnant all of the blood vessels are really sensitive and can rupture easily with any type of friction causing a bit of spotting. YES!!!

The wonderful thing is that I am probably most likely NOT miscarrying! Because there was no more red blood (only some brown yesterday and today) and because of how little blood there was the nurse said not to worry. She told me to come in if I had any cramping that wouldn't go away after drinking water and lying down for a bit than I should come to the ER. The only bad thing... no sex for a week :( Sorry Joseph!

The countdown is on to July 22nd!

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