Confirmed Pregnancy

I went into Kaiser Vandeveer today at lunch and and the nurse confirmed my pregnancy. She also set me up with a 7 week appointment. I just have to calm my nerves for the next three weeks and than I get to have my first ultra sound!

I asked about getting my hcg count and was a bit taken aback when the nurse said I really didn't need to get them tested because "even if the don't double w/in a certain period of time there's a chance I can have a very healthy pregnancy" and basically that I should just wait for my first appointment but if I wanted to I could call and talk to my doctor...

Looking back at it I am sort of glad that I am not persuing it because I can try and act normal for a few weeks and than find out how things are going at the doctors appointment. I just have to keep myself busy until then... but that's easy.

Oh, and she let me know that my due date was more like March 4th vs. March 2nd. Sounds good to me!

And I couldn't leave you without my first belly picture. I figured I'd try to post one every month:

4 weeks - 6/23/08

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