Angelica's New Baby

My cousin, Angelica, had a baby girl today. She was 5 pounds 8 ounces and 18 inches long. I received a phone call at work today from my mom. My mom never calls me at work so I knew it had to be important. I called her back right away and she told me that my cousin had a baby last night. You might think that this wouldn't come as a shock to me but I didn't know she was pregnant! And apparently neither did she (my cousin).

Angelica had been experiencing cramping pains that night and thought it was normal cramps. She took two vicadin and tried to "suck it up" like her boyfriend told her to but by 2am she couldn't handle it anymore and began calling for my Aunt Cindy. Cindy quickly realized what was going on and called 911. A few hours later Natalie Florence came into the world and mom and baby are safe at the hospital.

Both are doing great. Baby is completely healthy. She's eating and sleeping as any newborn would. And she's totally adorable! I can't wait to get more pictures the next time I see her.

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