It's Easy Going Green with Willow Pads

I've already confessed to going green for "that time of the month" with my Lunette post but I didn't get a chance to rave about my latest love, Willow Pads!

While I get the hang of my Lunette cup, I've been using my Willow Pads from the Willow Store as a sort of back up system so that I don't have to worry about anything while out and about with the kids.

I was cursed lucky enough to have a little visit during my camping trip in Yosemite last week and thankfully had my Willow Store Willow Pads Mini Kit with me just in case. They totally saved the day.

The Willow Store Mini Kit comes with the following:
  • 3 regular pads
  • 3 hemp liners
  • 1 anywhere bag
  • 1 reusable gift bag

Just about everything you need to try out cloth without investing completely. That means you can see if it works for you and add on if needed. Since I've been primarily using the Lunette cup, this size kit was perfect for me. It gives me the assurance I need to have a back up plan and is the perfect size and price for my budget!

Organic and Adjustable
WillowPads are easy to use and adjustable! You can use the regular organic feminine pad as a panty liner or a maxi pad by simply adding additional inserts to create maximum absorbency.

Each WillowPad comes with one organic cotton shell and one hemp insert. They are very absorbent and allow air flow to reduce irritation and eliminate odor. They are designed to stay soft for years to come!

The best part is, no more shelling out money month after month for more pads! Simply throw the used pads in the wash with your towels or other clothes and wash as you normally would. If you already cloth diaper, you know how easy it is to add in a few extra pieces into the wash.

Pretty and Functional
WillowPads are made from the highest quality organic fabric tailored for softness and comfort. They are as slim as disposables and offer you superior protection while maximizing absorbency. And the best part is that because they're so slim, they're easy to keep in your purse and diaper bag!

Not interested in the neutral colors? There's options! You can choose from the gorgeous hand dyed organic feminine pads in colors ranging from hot mama to sunset. Just as addicting as adding cloth diapers to your stash!

There are also leak-proof willow pads in an assortment of colors to choose from as well. Leak-Proof WillowPads are the perfect solution for women that need the extra protection of a waterproof barrier, but still want the comfort and softness of reusable WillowPads. There’s no need for extra inserts, Leak-Proof WillowPads have everything contained in one, so changes are fast and simple.

If the regular 9" length doesn't work for you, both the organic and leak proof feminine pads come in 11" long lengths as well.

Included in the mini kit are also 3 hemp liners. These are perfect for light days and days where you might be using a menstrual cup and need a little bit of reassurance. They are super small size and very discrete. Easy to store with your cup for added protection.

And don't forget about the Anywhere Bag! It's the perfect storage for your feminine products and you can choose from hemp or fun cotton colors. I would love to see a larger wet bag for mama cloth storage on the go but these bags work for small storage needs.

Interested in Cloth? 

Head on over to the Willow Store and check out their selection of Feminine Products for yourself. See if anything catches your eye and try them out! I'm sure you won't be disappointed. From the awesome kits they offer to the how-to information and frequent questions about mama cloth, all of your answers and needs are taken care of.

You can find the Willow Store on Facebook and follow them on Twitter at @TheWillowStore

Enter to WIN a mini kit of your own in the Green Family Giveaway from now until September 30th! Along with $140+ in other green family prizes perfect for your green family.

Disclaimer: I received a Willow Store Willow Pad Mini Kit for review purposes only. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Miranda said... Reply To This Comment

I use cloth and love it! One thing to keep in mind is your undie style - I wear a lot of thong undies and they don't work very well with cloth pads. Maybe I need to invest in some of the cloth pads specifically shaped for thong undies!?

I even used cloth post-partum and it worked great, just tossed used pads into s small bucket of cold water under my sink until I was ready to do laundry. Absolutely no staining - amazing.

Mel Outnumbered said... Reply To This Comment

Wow, I've never heard of these, interesting.

East9thStreet said... Reply To This Comment

I never knew there was such a thing. I learn something new everyday!

Danielle Simmons said... Reply To This Comment

With the addition of kids, all thong undies have slowly made their way out of my underwear drawer and have since been replaced by briefs (no granny panties yet!).

Living in La La Land said... Reply To This Comment

I have never heard of cloth for that time of the month!
Although I haven't had a menstrual cycle in a long time, these look really cool, easy to conceal as well as easy to use(;

About A Mom said... Reply To This Comment

I am so impressed by these. If I were still having my period, I would definitely go with one of these more environmentally friendly options.

Stacey @ Newlywed Survival said... Reply To This Comment

Wow, going green is now everywhere! I never even would have thought of something like this. Great idea.

AMBER EDWARDS said... Reply To This Comment

I love that they are so small and compact! I'm a cloth diapering mama, and i use close nursing pads, but i just haven't been able to get myself to go cloth for this. I will look into these and see if I can make the convert.

Just Married with Coupons said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for sharing these products, I've never heard of them. I like getting a sneak peek before I consider buying so thank you for taking the time to give us the scoop!

Beth R said... Reply To This Comment

I love cloth. I am looking into getting some post partum pads after the next baby. I wish I had heard of these sooner since I love how comfortable they are

judi said... Reply To This Comment

I'd love to convince my daughter to use these. It would sure save the budget! I'm hoping to get a cup when my cycle returns (hopefully not for a year or so).

Heather W. said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the review!

The Frugal Greenish Mama said... Reply To This Comment

I have yet to make the switch but haven't needed any until recently again and would love to try them out! Thanks for sharing!

Luz said... Reply To This Comment

Washing a cloth pad versus washing stained undergarments, clothing and sheets, not much of a difference. I'd like to try it.

Denise said... Reply To This Comment

I've been looking into cloth pads, but those straps look a little on the thin side. Did they stay put for you?

Alisha L. said... Reply To This Comment

I have other products from The Willow Store and their quality is amazing! I haven't tried these yet but I'm guessing they are great.

Dani Sue said... Reply To This Comment

I'd love to try these. I use pad mostly on the bad cramp days, but I have sensitive skin so my skin gets irritated easily from pads and tampons. These look like a great solution.