My Biggest Fear Planning for #BlogHer12

I'm a pretty social person.

I get along with a wide variety of personalities and have no problem being alone or walking around in numbers. I think it has something to do with my confidence and my own personality.

But the one thing I'm always super conscious about is the fact that I'm a lactating mama. And some other mamas might not be as understanding when it comes to the fact that I, personally, want to nurse my daughter for as long as I can. OR as long as she wants to.

So when I started to plan for BlogHer'12 in NYC (my FIRST trip away from the family) I realized I'd have to either bring a pump with me or figure out the best way to hand-express my milk to keep my supply going since I wouldn't be bringing my nursling.

The one fear I had was my roomate having an issue with a moo-machine in the room and breast milk storage in the fridge.

Last year there was a lactation lounge at the conference with milk donation set up but I haven't seen any news of one at this year's event. So I am not sure if milk donations are being arranged or not; I'd rather bag my milk and see if I could give it to someone instead of dumping it down the drain.

Liquid gold and all.

The whole time I've been making my check list for things to pack, outfits to wear, shoes to bring I've had this nagging feeling in the back of my head telling me to talk to the roomie about my lactation issues.

The miracle of coincidence and timing is awesome though.

Because my fears were for naught.

And how'd I find this out? I was just chatting about being nervous about leaving the family alone for so long for the first time and she agreed then mentioned the need for a pump. Relief!

Turns out my roomate is also still nursing her daughter and will be bringing along her pump as well! Talk about things working out perfectly, right? I mean, we aren't going to have a pumping party or anything but at least I'm rooming with someone who "gets it," you know?

So if there's something on your mind just speak up! More likely than not, those who you talk to will understand and be there to support you!

Worried your roomie is going to walk in on your pumping? Pick up some of these awesome door hangers I found! I so wish I had these when I pumped at work...

4 comment(s) with love:

Elle said... Reply To This Comment

That's great! There are lots of moms out there that want to keep nursing these days. I'm glad you found one in your roommate. It does make things easier.

Kathleen (aka Callista) said... Reply To This Comment

I am curious about how you are going but not bring your nursling? I wanted to go to a conference this year but am still nursing my 15 month old.

That's great that your roommate is boob friendly LOL and I lOVE those door hangers, that's too funny. I have no problem nursing in front of others but for some reason, pumping is more private and I wouldn't want anyone else to see, but then I'm not a fan of pumping in general.

Danielle Simmons said... Reply To This Comment

Yes, Kathleen! That's exactly my issue too. Pumping is much more personal and *exposing* than nursing. My daughter is 19 months old and nurses for comfort. She will take cows milk too with no problem so I'm not worried as much about nutrition.

It's the comfort for her. She and I both love the cuddle time we get (with her nursing in upwards of 5 times a day!). Since I don't want to loose my supply I'll just pump when and where I can.

Amanda said... Reply To This Comment

Ill be bring my pump too. Hand expressing just doesn't work as well and I know ill need the relief!