Joovy Family on the Go Toddler Package {@JoovyOO StepTool}

The Noise Girls are excited to announce the Joovy Family On The Go giveaway event hosted by the Noise Girls!

For the family on the go this summer! Whether you're on a road trip to Grandma's house or enjoying a relaxing weekend at the campground, Joovy's latest products help make travel easy and fun! This event will run from July 9th through July 30th  and includes three amazing packages of Joovy products perfect for every stage of childhood.

Is your toddler in the midst of potty training or close to it? You won't want to go anywhere without their trusted StepTool to make potty training, washing hands, and brushing teeth on-the-go easy and fun!

With their sleek design, easy to clean surfaces, and slip resistant padding; your child will stay safe an secure when learning how to be independent. 

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