5 Potty Training Must Haves {Tips & Tricks}

Three weeks ago my son was getting ready for the day and decided to take his night-time pull up off. Instead of reaching for a new pull up to put on for the day, he wanted to hang out naked. What can I tell you? My kids like to be naked.

Well... all of a sudden, 5 minutes later he comes running to me telling me he has to go potty. So we go to the bathroom and he pees on the potty. Whoa... that's awesome!

Since our potty training regression a year ago the only effort I've made in the potty training department is to make sure my son knew he had to be potty trained before he could go to preschool (a requirement of the school we were looking at sending him to). I left everything else up to him.

After the first successful pee we had a few more. Followed by an accident outside in the grass. This continued throughout the day and into the next three days. There was an accident here or there but nothing major. And usually the accidents occurred when he was in his underwear. So we left the underwear off unless we were going out and just followed his cues.

In no time he was running to the potty alone, pulling down his pants, and going. And after 2 weeks he decided it was time to go potty standing up. So now he goes like a big boy on his own, with only a little help from mom or dad.

If I knew potty training was this easy I wouldn't have attempted to do it when he was 2! Here are my must haves for potty training success:

5 Potty Training Must Haves

Small Portable Potty
A small potty is a must for any potty training household. Not only is it convenient to move throughout the house as needed, you can even throw it in the back of your car for much needed potty breaks on the go. Going camping? Or taking a road trip? Avoid icky public restrooms by bringing along your Joovy Loo!

We keep ours in the bathroom and take it with us when we're going places we know wont have restrooms (or if the restrooms or dirty or hard to find) like the beach and park. I've found that my daughter is now starting to show an interest in using the potty so we'll be keeping this around for a while until she feels comfortable on the big potty.

My son also loves his Mommy's Helper potty seat that we got from Amazon.com. It stays on the side of our toilet and he pulls it out whenever he's going to be in the restroom for a while...

Potty Cover
For those times when you're forced to use public restrooms, make sure you have your Potty Cover with you! They're individually packaged for on-the-go ease and fit nicely in a diaper bag or purse. Plus, with children who like to touch EVERYTHING, these will keep your kids clean and sanitary.

Covers the whole potty, not just the top...

I've found these to be helpful when we're at a park or another location where seat covers aren't easily accessible. And they're great for wet bottoms because they won't fall apart or rip on you (ever get out of the pool or ocean and try to use the restroom? Not fun!). 

Compostable Disinfectant Wipes
My little one is still figuring out aim. With that there are a lot of potty clean ups at home and on the go. We had quite a fun time at Disneyland recently and he managed to get the wall covered in urine. Too bad they don't make these in to-go wipes too!

Since these GreenWorks compostable cleaning wipes can be easily stored in the bathroom cabinet or close to the toilet, and they're 99% plant derived, I feel safe using these around my kids. They do a great job cleaning out the little potty too!

Super Undies
Instead of sticking with Pull Ups for night time use we've made the switch to cloth trainers for night time and our choice has been Super Undies. They look and feel just like regular underwear but have a bit of absorbency for small accidents. You can also use the doubler included to maximize the absorbency if you have a heavy night wetter.

Luckily it only took our son 4 nights to realize he had to "hold it in" until he got ot the toilet and now wakes up and goes to the restroom instead of relieving himself in his (or our) bed. But he still likes his Super Undies so we use them just in case.

And last but not least...

We are currently using gummy worms or M&Ms as a pee-pee on the potty reward and DumDums as a poo-poo on the potty reward. And you know what? My kid loves his rewards. He is constantly telling friends and family that he goes pee-pee on the potty so he can get his worm.

And since we've promised him a LEGO dinosaur when he goes a whole week without accidents, we'll be heading out to purchase said $50 toy on Saturday. Yup, that's right folks, when you promise a reward you'd better be ready to pay up. Because your kid WONT let you forget.

Has your child began potty training/learning? Have any tips you'd like to share?

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com and other companies. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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About A Mom said... Reply To This Comment

My potty training days are over, for now at least. I'm with you on the rewards. It was always a big help!

Kari said... Reply To This Comment

This is a very helpful list. thanks for taking the time to let us know everything that really worked for you.

Congrats to the big boy!

The Frugal Greenish Mama said... Reply To This Comment

I love how well the potty covers work so well. I will be ordering some for an upcoming vacation. We used rewards for both of mine and it worked so well!

Signing Mama said... Reply To This Comment

Like you Danielle, we started this potty training business a while back - cuz we wanted Owen to be able to go to the big kid room on the Disney Cruise. Well, clearly he wasn't interested nough in being potty trained because we had our regular accidents, playing was far too important to disrupt with a lengthy ordeal in the bathroom... even though the lengthy ordeal mommy or teacher would have to go through to clean it up was inevitable. But at 2 and sometimes even at 3 they don't put all of that together. Owen had been wanting a big boy Star Wars sticker book like Kyle got - it really helps for kids to have siblings that have stuff that they want - insert evil laughter here. I just kep telling Owen that he needed to make a deal with Daddy about how to earn one. The deal was having no poopy accidents for 2 weeks - well that day came not too long ago - I'm glad ours wasn't a $50 commitment - just had to be something he really wanted.

Oh and you might want to check it out - the folks at Signing Time have an app called Potty Time. A few of the moms in my classes have used it and LOVE it!

Lindsay @ Laughing Lindsay said... Reply To This Comment

I love the tips. The cover looks pretty cool, too. I like that it covers the side in addition to the top.

Tiffany C. said... Reply To This Comment

I really want these potty covers now.

Sonya Sanderson said... Reply To This Comment

I like that they cover the whole potty, not just the top.

Cjnedrow said... Reply To This Comment

The potty cover really is a great idea and so practical!
cjnedrow at gmail dot com

Ashley Suzanne said... Reply To This Comment

These are great to have for public toliets.

Lord SkyOak said... Reply To This Comment

Any tips for potty training are greatly appreciated, ty for these additional ones.

Lori Thomas said... Reply To This Comment

I like that it covers the whole toilet, some public bathrooms are just disgusting

Sonya said... Reply To This Comment

We started and were doing well 2 months ago and now she is back in diapers! We went out of town and I think that messed it up for us! sonyadmorris@gmail.com

Robert Pyszk said... Reply To This Comment

I love how sanitary these turn an otherwise nasty environment into.

Jan Messali said... Reply To This Comment

We've used these covers, and they work great!

Chasity Boatman said... Reply To This Comment

These are some great tips! I'm dreading potty training, but these will come in handy.

Joy M Pablo said... Reply To This Comment

Love the part about the rewards!! Yes I too did bribe my daughter with M & Ms. It definitely worked =D

Ledford Land said... Reply To This Comment

I've got to get some of these covers to keep in the car. No matter how many times my daughter goes before we get in the car on road trips...we end up in nasty gas station bathrooms! *shiver*

cherriesjessilee at gmail dot com

Melinda C said... Reply To This Comment

I have a little boy who's just about ready to potty train. This post is helpful. Now to start stocking up on these items!

Elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

We are constantly on the road and public restrooms are te bain of my existence where can I get those covers?!!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I need these. These would be awesome for when we go places instead of using toilet paper all the time.there is never a cover when you need one.

Mike Davis said... Reply To This Comment

I can see where when your out and about these would really give you some peace of mind

Lilac said... Reply To This Comment

We're just nearing potty-training time. So this is the sort of stuff that's on my mind! Great ideas! We're definitely going to be working out some kind of reward chart/system. I can tell it's not going to be easy to convince him that it's ok to poop on the potty. For some reason, he's just really bothered by #2! :-/

ayakers (at) gmail (dot) com

Jenny Stanek said... Reply To This Comment

I am actually a little bit past potty-training time with my little ones (they're 4) but I love these Super Undies. That's a nice transition between the completely absorbency of diapers and the complete opposite with underwear, a little something to help them while they learn


Jenny Stanek said... Reply To This Comment

And even though my kids are completely potty-trained, we very much need some of those potty covers. The public toilets give me nightmares!


Alexandra Pitcher said... Reply To This Comment

This is the reason I read blogs; I always find things I never would have thought of on my own. thanks for the tips.

Laura said... Reply To This Comment

From someone who is a germaphobe, I love having to-go disposable seat covers for when me and my daughter are out and about - we've run across some pretty gross toilet seats, but with a 3 year old...when she's gotta go...well...

Aura said... Reply To This Comment

we just started toilet training our 2yo and the potty seat cover looks amazing not just for him but for my other kids as well I really dislike when their pants or underwear touch the dirty toilet

Krystal said... Reply To This Comment

We aren't at the potty training stage yet, but I'm all about giving rewards! There is nothing wrong with positive reinforcement! :)

Amy M said... Reply To This Comment

We haven't started potty training yet either but I can imagine that the potty covers would be very helpful if I want to leave the house when we get to that point!

Audra Weathers said... Reply To This Comment

I love these covers; great for travel. Even though my daughter is potty trained now, she still forgets and puts her hands on the sides of the toilet. This is a much better solution than trying to get a wad of toilet paper to cover the seat.

Jennifer Young said... Reply To This Comment

I was so lucky and my girls both potty trained super early- 19m and 20m. However, I have always hated them using public bathrooms! We go camping a lot too and some of the bathrooms are super disgusting, I'd love something like potty covers to help ease my mind!

bill elliott said... Reply To This Comment

My granddaughter is having trouble potty training, this would be a guge gelp

Michele P. said... Reply To This Comment

I would love potty covers to keep in my purse, I hate using public restrooms and would even use these myself!

ThePixieSprinkles said... Reply To This Comment

Love the potty covers! My daughter always asks when we use public restrooms if she can touch the toilet or if it's "nasty"! lol These would be amazing since it covers more than just the top of the lid! Thanks! =)

Chisum Crew said... Reply To This Comment

Perfect for when we're out and about. Rafflecopter: happi shopr

sheila musselman askins said... Reply To This Comment

love the potty covers! would be sooo handy when using public restrooms or as you said...when your swimming and have a wet bottom!

Hannah Avery said... Reply To This Comment

These covers would be great for when my son learns to poop on the potty. I think keeping him in undies during the day instead of diapers or pull ups helps along in the process. Rewards are great too!

-Hannah Avery


Karina said... Reply To This Comment

great tips

JSweeps said... Reply To This Comment

These would be so great for traveling and when we camp at horse shows = yucky bathrooms!

Anja M. said... Reply To This Comment

It was very easy with my daughter. So I don't have any tips :( She just didn't want her diaper anymore and she sat on her little potty :)

Thanks for the giveaway.

Mary said... Reply To This Comment

The potty covers are very practical. I found the best way to finally get them to go to the potty was by putting them in briefs or panties. For some reason, they do not want to mess up real underwear and will tell you they need to go.

Jennifer Nielsen said... Reply To This Comment

I <3 the potty cover. Those disposable ones they give you just arn't enough, and they ALWAYS rip!