Keeping the Blindfold On #NaBloPoMo

Have you ever just trusted your instincts and jumped into something without really looking first? Had full faith that whatever was to come was for the best and you'd be ok?

I think that instincts play a large roll in our lives whether we know it or not and I tend to lean on the side of following them rather than needing all the details up front. So I guess you could say I don't have to look before I leap if what's inside of me is screaming "do it!"

I've found that when I quiet myself and really listen from within there's always a little voice trying to be heard telling me what to do. Whether it's about the kids, daily life, or something major in our life that little voice seems to know what she's talking about!

But sometimes there's so much noise in my head that she gets washed out. I think I'm following my instincts when really... I'm just following what sounds good at the time. From the internet, to the radio, to the tv, to the people around me, the noise that follows can be deafening. Do you ever notice that?

This past weekend I attended a Nordstrom Cosmetics Trend show (which was a blast by the way! You must check it out the next time it comes to town) and Dr. Lancer came out onto the runway and one of the first things he commented on was the music.

"Isn't this loud music distracting you all from what I'm saying." he said.

And for a moment I thought about it. I hadn't even noticed how loud the music was and considered it adding to what was being presented in front of us. I heard the words coming out of the presenters mouths, was enjoying the music being played "in the background," and really didn't consider either interfering with one another.

But it was so true! Our culture and society today has so much external noise playing that no wonder the difficulty it takes to hear what's inside. I have to stop and really have a moment with myself (get your mind out of the gutter) in order to really hear the advice or reason being shared. Makes it hard to just take that step and leap off without looking, right?

Do you need to look before you leap?

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Emily said... Reply To This Comment

That's so true! There is so much noise everywhere, it's often hard to find space to think clearly.

Debi@The Spring Mount 6 Pack said... Reply To This Comment

I actually hear too much of what is going on around me. It can be very overwhelming for me.