Jumping for Joy with @Chobani and @KidsFestSD #NaBloPoMo

Watching the joy in my children's faces as they enjoy awesome activities makes me jump for joy. Being able to take them to a place that's filled with discovery, adventure, and fun is one of the best parts about being a parent. 

And being in San Diego we're quite blessed to have many opportunities to experience joy with our kids. The weather, the activities, and the events we have around town just can't be beat. This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending KidFest San Diego and boy did we have some fun!

Thanks to Chobani and the Chobani Champions bus I was able to pass on tickets to KidsFest to the families of my playgroup. Since we had already won a family 4-pack of tickets from Stacey of San Diego Bargain Mama we didn't need a set, but we wanted our friends to join in on the fun with us!

The first stop we hit when we got to the event was the Chobani Champions bus to endulge in full size samples of the new Chobani Champions. My daughter chose the banana honey, I had some chocolate and vanilla, my husband enjoyed the orangecicle and my son devoured the very berry. Our friends also enjoyed their samples as well. My friend Kari, from Mommy To Elodie, and her family were there to enjoy most of the event with us. And we were so glad they did!

We hula hooped courtesy of SitterCity. Kari showed the kids how to do it and got quite into it. She even had to take off her sweater to get more speed. My son absolutely loved trying it out and Elodie got quite into the action as well.

We built castles with The Village Blocksmith.These blocks were absolutely stunning! Each set builds a small castle that would make any kid excited. I'm definitely putting this on my wish list for Christmas this year. If your kids love building I highly suggest taking a look at his website.

We made awesome strawberry mice courtesy of Muffin Tin Mom. We took a strawberry, some chocolate chips, almond slivers and twizlers and created these adorable little forest creatures. I don't know what it was but as soon as my daughter saw the little mice she decided she wanted to devour every single one. I had to keep a few set aside for my husband and son to enjoy as well. We'll definitely be making these again! We love all of the wonderful ideas we get from Muffin Tin Mom.

We ate yummy food from the food trucks! I got a burger and tater tots from Recess to share. The kids had never tasted tater tots before (except for the sweet potato ones we attempted to make in the oven... not good!) and love them. Lucky for me and my diet they ate all but one. I enjoyed my delicious cheeseburger with grilled onions. 

Kari got lucky and scored big with the breakfast burrito she ordered from Delicioso. This bad boy was only $5 and was on the kids menu! Can you believe it? She thought she was going to get something half the size and was pleasantly surprised.

And we got messy and made mud pies and pinatas! The kids were given sand, water, and all the tools needed to make mud pies. They had a blast doing what they know best... making messes! They also were able to decorate a pinata filled with fun goodies from CircleBuzz. These were quite the hit and the kids used all of their creative juices to make theirs unique.

All of this fun and more lead to a very joyful family day. We enjoyed family, friends, food, and fun! How could we not want to jump for joy after all of that? I definitely will be making my way to KidsFest San Diego next year and will hopefully be bringing along more friends!

Did you make it down this year? What was your favorite part of the event?

What makes you jump for joy? 


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Kari said... Reply To This Comment

Hey, you wrote a great recap if the event! I thoroughly enjoyed it and Elodie passed out in the car on the way home.

We LOVED the Chobani yogurts (I'm going to be buying them on a regular basis, I have been craving more since my sample) and the blocks and my breakfast burrito was insanely delicious.

I'm embarrassed that my hula hooping skills have seriously diminished. I'm going to have to practice so I can redeem myself one day. LOL


Karren said... Reply To This Comment

I always loved taking the kids to carnivals they always had so much fun, and the food was awesome. Visiting from She Promotes. Oh! My Heartsie Have a good night, Karren

LOVE MELISSA:) said... Reply To This Comment

What a fun day!! I have to admit that I am in LOVE with chobani. It is the only yogurt my kids will eat!!

Ghada said... Reply To This Comment

That looked like a really fun day! It is so nice when you can do things the kids love but have fun yourself as well. Love the strawberry mice, so cute!

theresa ousley said... Reply To This Comment

kids having fun bring joy to our hearts we love to be big kids too having fun !!!