@SDFair Fare Bringing Intense Joy #NaBloPoMo

 I'm a total foodie. I'll probably try just about anything you ask me to with limit to anything slimy. I love different foods and how food brings people together. So when I have to think about what food brings me intense joy to eat I have to pause for a bit and think. Because there's quite a lot of food that brings me joy depending on the time of day, the time of year, and who I'm with.

Since it's summer and we just got back from the San Diego County Fair the only food I"m thinking about right now is fair food. You know... the greasier the better! From corn dogs to fried zucchini to funnel cakes, just about any food that's bad for you and good for you at the same time can be found here. And each little bite I take in brings me intense joy.

Every year we try and make it to the fair on a Tuesday. You see, our fair has a $2 Taste of the Fair every Tuesday where many of the food vendors offer a sample of something from their menu for $2. And I can bring $20 with me just for food to enjoy a bite or two from every corner of the fair. How awesome does that sound?

So to kick off the summer and the fair we set out to do just that!

We started our afternoon off with half-sized corn dogs. One for each of the kids and a bite for me. In order to fully enjoy the fair fare we took it slow and walked around the animals a bit before trying anything else.

Then came the corn on the cob and garlic fries. If I were you I'd skip the garlic fries and go straight for the chili cheese fries. Totally the wrong decision. But the corn on the cob did not disapoint and the kids devoured theirs within 10 minutes.

Since I didn't have much of the corn I wanted a little something to keep me tied over until we went for the tasty sweets. So I picked up a mini meat ball slider and dressed it up with some parmesan. Best. meatball. ever! So so good. And in two bites it was gone.

We walked around a bit inside the demo/shopping area to burn off the fries, corn, and slider when we came upon one of our favorites... mini donuts! Instead of getting just a taste ($2 for 3) we went ahead and got a full dozen to share amongst the 5 of us (did I mention my good friend Kari met us there?). Two donuts was my limit but the kids enjoyed quite a few more.

Molly made us all laugh when she proceeded to eat the donuts up until the part shew as holding and than gave it to me to finish. Guess if she didn't have something to hold onto she didn't want to eat it.

Because we met up with our friend we also got to sample a few yummy treats she and her sister consumed as well including some delicious fried zucchini and a bloomin onion. Oh my word! The zucchini was so good. Fried goodness perfected. And I was so glad to have had the opportunity to have only a little nibble then to be forced to eat the whole thing by myself. 

We needed a break after that and enjoyed walking around to the infield for a show. There's a show we must see every year because my son absolutely loves the chihuahuas that perform. And, of course, all donations go to the local shelter so we can't help but be generous. He was so proud to hold one of the dogs for a photo opp.

After making sure we completely walked off all of the calories we consumed it was time to head home. After a great day at the fair filled with delicious food and fun friends we were pooped. But not pooped enough to end the afternoon with ice cream! We spent exactly $20 on food, $10 on parking and $4 on a ticket for me (since the kids are still free). $34 and an afternoon of fun, what can beat that?

I've already begun planning my menu for the next visit in a few weeks with my husband. I might not be getting small tastes since he isn't available on Tuesdays so I have to make wise decisions in what I choose to eat. I'm sure it will definitely bring me joy though!

What food brings you intense joy to eat? 

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Shopping Tips and Tricks said... Reply To This Comment

Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

Gena said... Reply To This Comment

WOW! That sounds like food heaven! Well, minus the corn dogs...haha! I'm not a corn dog fan but my hubby and son sure are!

LaVonne @ Long Wait said... Reply To This Comment

I could get into a lot of trouble at the $2 day ;) I love carnival vendors and fair food. I love this time of year - taking the kids to the carnival. We have 3 going on this weekend near us. :)

Mariah @ FormulaMom.com said... Reply To This Comment

Love those little dogs! They look like my little Toby! It looks like you all had a blast!