Zipit Bedding {Toddler Bedroom Makeover}

We're in the process of giving my son's room a makeover. We're moving things around, adding a few pieces of furniture, and making it a room for both my son and my daughter. In an effort to update the room we're making a change with the theme. Instead of his beloved dinos of last year he's upgrading to some pretty cool bedding!

Stay tuned for future posts about the fun renovation we have in store for the kids' bedroom.

Zipit Bedding is a new and revolutionary bedding set that is full of fun and surprises. The set comes with a fitted sheet and comforter that attach to one another by two zippers, and a pillow case that also zips up. The pieces can zip apart for washing and are easily put back together when you put them on the bed.

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I tried putting the bedding on with the comforter already attached to the bedding and with it unzipped and both ways were equally as easy. The zippers slide on and off quickly and are simple enough for my children to use effortlessly.

This bedding set makes changing beds easy and simple! I was able to change my son's bed within 3 minutes and had no tucking or fussing to deal with. And when I can save time anywhere in my day I'm a happy camper.

The fitted sheet also has two pockets attached to each side. These pockets are the perfect place to store flashlights, toys, and small books. My son loved that he was able to store his favorite monster and flashlight right next to him. He now finds other small toys to put in the pockets to hide from his sister.

I love how the Zipit bedding zips up just like a sleeping bag. It makes tucking my son in very easy and he enjoys the cozyness of the covers around him. The comforter is also very easy to unzip as well. Almost as easy as throwing the comforter off when it's unzipped. This makes night time visits to our bed effortless for my son.

One of my son's favorite features, besides the side pockets, is the pillow case. Zipit creators didn't leave the pillowcase out of the zipper fun! The case can be zipped and unzipped together and is just as fun as the bedding.

Another great thing about this bedding is the fact that it doesn't just fit one theme. From aliens to robots to cars to dinos, the print on the underside of the comforter and on the fitted sheet match my son's personality perfectly.

The only thing I don't like? That it doesn't come in more colors! Currently the Zipit Bedding comes in navy (like my son's) and pink. I would love to get this set for my daughter but the pink just won't fit the feel of our room. Once they come out with a purple set I'll be the first in line to buy it!

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Disclaimer: I received a set of Zipit Bedding for review purposes only. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.     

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Shopping Tips and Tricks said... Reply To This Comment

So cool! Thanks for sharing the discount code with us!

LOVE MELISSA:) said... Reply To This Comment

This is ingenious! Thanks for sharing!

Tiffany C. said... Reply To This Comment

I really like the bedding. It's perfect for kids. The little pocket with the flashlight is amazing. We could really use that here at our house for my 4.5 year old.

jesicaj1 said... Reply To This Comment

Awesome, I need to re-do our kid's bedrooms, well my whole house really, but the bedrooms would be great.

The Maven said... Reply To This Comment

Oh I love these! We are looking for new bedding for Sebby when we move to our new house! So cute!

East9thStreet said... Reply To This Comment

I'm also in the market for new bedding for my almost 3 year old. Her requirements? Pink and blue!