Relaxation for the Mama {NAP Spa}

As Mother's Day draws near the one thing I love doing is reflecting. Reflecting on how I've grown as a mother over these past 3+ years, reflecting on how my children have grown in leaps and bounds physically and mentally/emotionally, and reflecting on how our family has changed so much for the better with each child we've had.

Being a mother is the hardest and most rewarding role I've ever had. I wouldn't change it for anything.

But that doesn't mean that I don't need a little rest and relaxation every once in a while. And I take my relaxation in the form of massage, pedicures, and facials. There's nothing better than getting one whole hour to yourself to just lay down, reflect, and relax.

I did just that yesterday afternoon at NAP Spa and I have to say it was totally worth it!

As I've mentioned before, Fridays are the best days of the week. That morning instead of my normal routine my daughter and I decided to run a few errands. We went to the gym, dropped off the dry cleaning, made it over to the bank, and picked up compost and whatnot from the nursery for a few new additions to our growing garden.

When we went through our errands the only thing i was thinking about was getting home in time for naptime so that I could drop her off in time for my planned massage. We got home and she fell asleep quickly. About an hour into her nap she woke up right as I was making myself some lunch so I grabbed her, finished making my lunch (I wouldn't have eaten if I didn't!), and nursed her on the couch as I ate.

She quickly fell asleep on me and I got sucked into another episode of Brothers & Sisters, my latest show on Netflix. At around 2:15 I decided to check my email to confirm my appointment time. In my head I had noted 3:30pm and I have no idea where I got that time but it stuck. With a quick search in my inbox I realized that my appointment was for 3:00pm, not 3:30.

I quickly called up my husband's aunt to let her know we were rushing over since I would more than likely be late to my appointment. Then I called NAP Spa to give them a heads up.

They were awesome! They offered to push back my appointment time to 3:30pm and were more than accepting of my situation. I dropped off my daughter and made my way over to their location on Morena Boulevard (right by the Morena Costco, btw! Awesome location!).

When I arrived they reassured me that there was no need to rush, things happen, and I was more than welcome to a glass of water and some time to decompress before they began. This instantly made me loosen up and after filling out their patient form I was more than ready for my massage.

The massage was relaxing, refreshing, and the perfect escape from our crazy life. The massage table had a heating element that kept my whole body warm and comfy as I dove deeper into my massage. The aromatherapy used (lavender) quickly filled my nostrils and allowed me to release any remnants of stress that were left.

The masseuse, Blaiklee, didn't mind me chatting with her in the beginning and let me know that NAP Spa just celebrated their first birthday! She talked to me about my kids, her experience, and blogging. All the while asking me if the areas she worked were tender at all and if she was applying enough pressure.

Once she was done I got up to dress and felt a bit limp. In a good way! The massage was exactly what I needed and was a great Mother's Day present to myself. Blaiklee asked if I had any questions as she handed me another glass of water when I emerged from the massage room and introduced me to their acupuncturist too (only $45 for a session with her!).

Not only does NAP Spa want you relaxed, they want you to know the health benefits of massage as well. I was offered their newsletter and enjoyed reading a bit while I finished my water. Another plus! I didn't feel as if I had to rush away after my massage was done. More time to myself.

You can check out NAP Spa on their website and connect with them on Facebook to keep up with the latest they have to offer. To book an appointment you can call them at (858) 380-9741.

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Disclaimer: I received an hour massage at NAP Spa in exchange for promoting their deal on Deal Me In Today. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  

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