Grandparents Rock

I could never say anything bad about my in-laws.

My kids absolutely love spending time with my husband's parents and they love my kids right back. On a moments notice they're ready to take over for us and have allowed us to enjoy time alone quite often.

This weekend wasn't any different. After reading the awesome reviews of The Avengers and hearing the great interviews a few of my blogger friends did with the cast, I asked my husband if he'd like to go see the movie.

He quickly agreed and we made sure we weren't busy Sunday morning (the PERFECT time to go see any movie... $6 tickets at AMC for morning shows and no crowds). I called up my mother-in-law on Thursday or Friday to see if she was available and luckily she was.

She also mentioned watching the kids cousin that afternoon as well so we knew our son would be very excited for some playtime with his cousin. And he reminded me quite often on Saturday that he would be going to Grandma Ann's house and cousin would be there to play with him later.

Sunday quickly came and when we all woke up, my son quickly dressed and tried to hurry us out the door so he could get to Grandma's. We dropped off the kids at around 9am and headed on our way to see the movie.

While we were away the kids ate, played, napped, played, and enjoyed time with their grandparents. They even received a surprise visit from their favorite aunts who live a few blocks away. I knew the whole time we were gone that we wouldn't have to worry about them at all. They always have a great time with Grandma and Grandpa.

It was so nice to have the time after the movie to eat lunch together. I even enjoyed a glass of sangria with my Korean beef tacos and salad.  And I ate my meal while it was still hot!

When we got back to the grandparents house, Cousin had just been dropped off and the three grandkids were playing outside together while Grandma and the aunts watched them. Once we arrived Grandpa announced that it was time to take the boys on an adventure. They were going to head out to go on a Seal Tour! Little miss wouldn't enjoy this quite as much as the boys so she headed home with us.

Not only did my son get to hang out and play with his sister at Grandma and Grandpas, he got to go on an adventure with his cousin and Grandpa too!

Now I have wanted to take the kids on this boat/land tour for quite some time however we just never seem to get around to it. So when I heard that Grandpa wanted to take the lead and bring the cousins with him I was more than thrilled. It's adventures like today the kids will remember when they're older.

After their boat tour Grandpa took them back to enjoy some fun at Ocean Beach. They got to play in the sand and get soaking wet while Grandma and Grandpa watched them. I received this picture below while we were at Mass...

I guess when you go on a spur of the moment beach adventure pants are optional.

See... how could I complain with in-laws like this?

Oh, and the movie was awesome! Definitely a must see. I'm glad we saw it in the theaters instead of via redbox (we're watching the movies that lead up to this one by renting them on redbox).

Do you have family to watch the kids when you need a bit of time away?

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About A Mom said... Reply To This Comment

Sounds like a fun day! I totally agree that grandparents rock!

Jesi ( said... Reply To This Comment

All our Grandparents live close by but we really don't see them too often. They all work and are involved in their own everyday lives.

Shannon said... Reply To This Comment

This makes me happy to read this. :) I'm glad you and the Hubs have that kind of support and your kids are going to have some amazing memories! We are really lucky to live next door to Jen's parents but I really wish my mom and Frank lived closer because. I would love for Finn to be able to spend time with Nana and Grandpa. :)

Ann said... Reply To This Comment

And WE are so blessed that our sons and their wives WANT us to be part of these precious children's lives....thank you for the nice sentiments, Danielle!

Charlene said... Reply To This Comment

Unfortunately we don't have grandparents near by, but we sure do love them! Especially when we get to be near them.
Having great in-laws is a huge blessing for me, and it sounds like it is for you too.

Mariah @ said... Reply To This Comment

Grandparents definitely rock! I'm lucky enough that some live in the house with us! :)

Mariah, Formula Mom