Lack of Fashion


I know that I don't have much fashion sense. I usually wear frumpy "mom" clothes most of the time that either don't fit right or don't follow what's "in" with the current trend. I'm not trendy in anyway and usually shop clearance racks for random pieces instead of buying full outfits. But I'm trying to change. I'm trying to learn more about fashion and how dress more for my body type.

At times its hard though because I'm trying to lose weight and I keep thinking, "But what if I am only in these pants for the next two months? Or less?" I don't want to spend a good amount of money on clothes if I can't wear them in the near future. So I hold off and buy things that pass for decent in public and instead pick the more comfortable clothes that'll get me through the in-between stage (you know... inbetween one size and another?). And that gives me quite the interesting selection of clothes in my closet. Pair that with the fact that I hate doing laundry, well... I hate folding and putting away laundry, and you get a look that screams not put together.

I think that my lack of knowledge in fashion is not only affecting me but it's also starting to reflect on my daughter. Sure, she's only 10 months old, but she is so personable and adorable and she deserves to have that shown in the clothes she wears as well. We received boxes and boxes of hand-me-down clothes for both children but I'm finding that it was much easier to dress my son then it is to dress my daughter. Most days I am clueless in what to dress her in.

I think one of the biggest reasons (besides my lack of fashion) is because we didn't purchase outfits, we received pieces of outfits in the boxes that were given to us. And I am all for hand-me-downs. Being blessed to have such loving and caring friends who gave us so much is something I truly am grateful for. But the flower jeans don't have the cute shirt that matches and the adorable brown hat doesn't go with any of the other outfits in her drawer. So she wears that brown hat with something that doesn't go with it because, well, she needs a hat.

And when we go out to playdates with other friends I'm always second guessing what I put her in. Wondering if the other moms are thinking the same thing... what was I thinking? And if I'm being judged for what I wear and what I dress my daughter in. I mean, I don't think I've ever judged another mom for what they dress their kids in before (that I remember) but I know I've judged others for what they've dressed in to go out in public. Maybe it's no big deal to some, and in the scheme of things it really isn't, but I really want to start learning more about how to dress my daughter. That way when she's older she cant come back and blame me for any horrible baby pictures she may find.

Not everything is about fashion or the way we dress but in this world we live in your appearance does matter. I will teach my children to love what is inside and will try to raise them to be good, kind people but I know that they will also be judged for how they look and what they appear like on the outside. Hopefully my poor judgement won't harm them too much...

Do you worry about what your appearance says to others or are you confident in how you dress? Do you have any advice for me about gaining some fashion sense? Or fashion sense for my daughter? I'd love to hear your comments!

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BBKiddo said... Reply To This Comment

I am so very often very insecure about my sense of "fashion". Occasionally i'll find a look that's a home run but more often than not I find myself trying to replicate fashion statements that just do not work foe me. I agree the in between sizes thing makes it even harder! I have had to really train myself to only buy clothes that fit ME and it doesn't matter if its a good deal or everyone is wearing it. If I don't look great in it I shouldn't buy it. I am getting a ton of inspirations from pinterest that I look forward to trying out once I hit my goal weight again. For my kid, I lucked out and have so many hand me downs that putting together looks is pretty easy when you there are ENDLESS options. If I didn't have to return 90% of the clothes d
Day wears to the original owner I would pass on more to miss Molly :)

Randi Moncur said... Reply To This Comment

I feel you here . . . I pretty much always feel like I'm underdressed! Maybe it's because I'm from California but I just don't do chic city type clothes very well. Especially for work!! I end up wearing all black, all the time, in an effort to look more formal. grim!

Stardust said... Reply To This Comment

Not that I'm fit to give fashion advice or anything, but...

I don't really feel confident in how I dress- but I do my best to look somewhat put together. I feel uncomfortable about how my post-baby body fits in some clothes- and I was not really excited about going up in a jeans size even though I feel so much more comfortable in them now.

I think it is good for you to buy new pieces that you feel good in, even if they don't fit you for too long. Then you can pass them on to a friend going through the same thing. You don't have to spend much money but it feels much better to have clothes you like to wear that feel comfy too.

I think Molly always looks cute- though I wouldn't ever judge you or her based on what you're wearing! But I'm sure one day she will find pictures and blame you for her clothes- fashions change so quickly, it's totally not your fault, anyway. It will happen to us all. lol

Most of Elodie's clothes are hand-me-downs though I do like to "splurge" (and buy clothes even though she really does not need any more clothes) for those extra cute items every once in a while, especially if they go well with everything.


Danielle said... Reply To This Comment

We've definitely been blessed with LOTS of hand-me-downs and I am so lucky to have so many clothes to choose from... I just second guess my pairings. What I think may look good or match might not be what others think look good.

And I agree, Kari! She will probably hate how I dressed her no matter how hard I try. As long as she isn't running around naked. Although I can't wait to catch some shots of that in the future to really make her squirm later.