Dear M: Ten Months Old

(I promise to update with the usual crib and chair pictures soon!)

Dear Miss M,

I'm so sorry this is a few days late. We've been keeping ourselves pretty busy for the past few weeks but things are finally starting to slow down a bit (for maybe a week... then it's the holiday season!). You are not slowing down at all though.

You have amazed us yet again with your ability to quickly pick up on just about everything. You've started taking steps although I wouldn't quite call you a walker just yet. You've started saying words AND signing them! And you've started playing more with your brother. It's been amazing to watch how you've grown.

Pushing the walker around the yard

We always knew you were a strong little girl. From early on you always wanted to stand. When given the choice you'd stand while holding onto us instead of sitting. So when you started standing on your own and purposely letting go of whatever you were holding onto I knew that steps would follow. And they did!

While we were playing in you brother's room one day you decided to take two steps to Daddy from Mommy's arms! I was so excited that I had to grab the video camera. And we caught it on video. Over the past few days your interest in walking has only increased. You can take about 6-7 steps from one object to another but usually you are only motivated if you're walking to a person. I can't wait to see what this next month brings! You may be a walker before Halloween!

Where's the bird?

Your vocabulary is also expanding. You can say Dad, Mom, bird, dog, and uh-oh. I think I'm forgetting one more but it'll come to me. You can also sign bird, dog, and ball as well as signal when you want something (by grabbing in the direction of the object and pointing repeatedly) and when you want up or down. You wave hi and bye...

Oh! That's the other word. You say Hi! When you are saying hi to someone you say "Hi!" and wave. It's adorable. And when you first wake up you look over to see if Daddy is still there and if he is you say, "Hi, Dad!" It's adorable. And he melts every time (then you go to digging in my stomach).

What do you hear, M?

And your sense of play has only increased this month. You'll get down on the ground with your brother and play right by him. You grab a ball, throw it and than crawl after it to catch it. You knock over the towers that brother builds and love when he plays with his Little People animal farm. You love playing with the animals and little people. And when anything rolls under a couch, dresser or chair you copy your brother by lying down, cocking your head to the side and peering under wherever the toy went. It's so cute to watch! You even attempt to get the toy too if it's in your reach.

Riding Scout

You love playing with the dog. It's almost funny watching you hunt him down and surprise him by sneaking up on him. Not sure if he likes your game as much as you do but it keeps us entertained. I've started putting you on Scout and pretending like you're riding him and you giggle and laugh! He only kinda tolerates it because we're paying so much attention to him. But we have to keep a close eye on you because you've started to enjoy poking him in the eye and he just doesn't like that...

You've grown so much this past month, my little girl, and I'm so happy that you are in our lives. You bring such joy to this home and we are truly blessed to have you. We cannot wait to see what the next month brings us!


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