Glidden Gallons {Walmart Mini DIY Makeover}

My friend over at A Year with Mom and Dad is hosting a giveaway for a mini DIY makeover courtesy of Glidden paint. As soon as I saw her tweet on twitter about the contest I knew I should enter. I might not have a good chance at winning but I am in desperate need of a bedroom makeover. We have had the same furniture layout (which we can't change) and bare walls since my husband first moved into the place 7 years ago. And I can't stand the lack of personality our room has.

Sure, it's littered with toys and clothes and our personal belongings are on our dressers but it lacks feeling and emotion. Don't laugh... rooms need feeling and emotion. And since I've already started re-decorating every other room in our house why not start with the bedroom. So I am writing this post to highlight WHY we need this mini DIY makeover.

Below are a few great reasons:
  1. Our walls are a shade of navajo white. And that just doesn't scream bedroom to me.
  2. The curtains on our windows were purchased from a clearance bin and they just barely fit the windows. We need curtains that fit the windows and do something for the room. 
  3. Our walls are not only painted white, they are completely bare. No pictures, no artwork, nothing. They need some help too. 
  4. The night stands we currently have do not match our bedroom set at all. Being able to purchase something to match the set would make the room as a whole complete. 
  5. And our bed... we need to update our comforter and sheet set to something different. 
And while I'd love a complete makeover (including adding more room to our master bedroom) I could live with these five little changes. Because then I would know that I at least attempted to make the room feel more like us and it wouldn't have to break the bank.  My husband is always looking for a project to do around the house. If he was already given the money to fund the project then it'd get done a lot faster.

Here are a few color combinations I'm considering if I win:

Toasted White and Deep Garnet
Not a bedroom but matches the furniture - Softest Juniper
Mulberry White and Wild Truffle
What are your favorite color combinations? What would you choose for your bedroom?

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Randi Moncur said... Reply To This Comment

For your place, I'm liking the Juniper.

Our bedroom has a light-colored wooden ceiling and floors, cream walls, cream curtains, and we have tan and blue bedding. I love it. It's our guest bedroom that I would LOVE to paint!