For the love of coffee and morning routines

I didn't drink too much coffee before having kids. Sure I'd have the occasional cup of joe every few days or so and I'd indulge in a frappacino once in a blue moon (until I realized how many WW points are in one) but I never quite needed coffee that much. Yes, I did enjoy it but it wasn't a part of my routine. Now that I have kids? I have to have a cup, or two, each morning just to get through the day.

A bad picture of my favorite Peets Coffee in my Got Milk mug
I'm not quite addicted yet. I can go a few days without coffee and wont get a withdrawl headache (but I know friends who do!) but I just drag on the ground on the days I don't have my cup first thing in the morning. So I have a routine. One that is practiced every day and that my kids know about. As soon as mommy wakes up it's time to make coffee. Some days my son helps out but most of the time he's still in bed and my daughter tries to lend a hand. She loves trying to take the coffee scoop out of my hand when I'm putting grounds in the filter.

Once the coffee is brewing we can start the rest of our morning routine. I take my son to the restroom and then change my daughter's diaper (unless Daddy has already done so) and than we get dressed. By the time we're all dressed it's breakfast time. Mommy has her cup of (hot) coffee and checks her email while the kids eat yogurt or oatmeal and fruit (breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you know!) and watch a show on PBS Kids. If I didn't give the kids their breakfast while I enjoyed my coffee  I'd be left with cold coffee. And that just wouldn't cut it.

I never thought much about this routine but realized over time that it helps us get going on our day. If I don't start the coffee right away I find that we are all slacking in the morning. We end up running late to whatever was planned for the day or don't even make it to our activities. When mommy sticks with a routine a lot more gets done. And the family, as a whole, is a lot happier.

What routines help your family get going? Have you found that having routines help your family as a whole?


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Randi Moncur said... Reply To This Comment

I leave my walking/outdoor clothes in a straw basket on my bathroom floor. That way when I get up at 6 to walk the dog, I just splash water on my face, take off my PJs, put on my walking clothes and head out the door. It only takes me 5 minutes and I don't have to wake up Gavin by fumbling around in our bedroom for clothes. When I get home from the walk, I throw what's dirty into the laundry, what's re-wearable back into the straw basket for tomorrow, and hop into the shower.

Sometimes I watch Gossip Girl reruns while I eat breakfast.

Danielle {at} Custom Programs said... Reply To This Comment

Love it! Sometimes on the weekends I get to watch bad tv in the morning when J takes care of the kids. Oh so fun :)