Family Reunion 2011

This past Saturday we partook in some family fun and set out for Mission Bay in celebration of our 21st year meeting up as a family... a very large family! Here are a few photos of our day...

Excited to be on our way!
Nom Nom Nom! She loves bread
Aunt Carly hanging out
This one just might be going in a frame :)

Grandpa loves me!

Enjoying the view

Being silly!

Grammy, Grandma and Miss M

I found a friend, Mama!

Trying to play with the big kids

Ok, now you put it in my net!

It's so much fun at the bay!

First taste of watermelon

100th taste of watermelon :)

His shirt was literally drenched from all the watermelon he ate

Volleyball! An annual tradition.

Go to sleep, Grandpa!

Daddy and Miss M... passed out

A close up on the cuteness

Waking up

E & Grandpa ready to do the sack race
We're gonna win! We're gonna win!

Hanging out with Daddy & Brother after the sack races
Saying goodbye to Aunt Carly


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