Spa Social @ Spa La Costa with San Diego MOMfia

Last night was an evening filled with friends, food and fun! I had been looking forward to a relaxing time away with friends (while meeting new ones) ever since my friend, Natalie, told me about this event. She always hooks me up with the fun parties and good times. I think its cause she loves me :) I love her right back. Friends are awesome that way.

So I left the babes home with Joseph and started on my journey to Spa La Costa at the La Costa Resort and Spa. And I hit traffic. I HATE traffic. Seriously. It can give me hives if i get too worked up. And idiot drivers + traffic... Don't even get me started. Yes, I know I have a problem. I'm working on it.

An hour later I was there. Walking the grounds of the resort was awesome. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Once I got to the spa I was greeted with smiles and champagne. What more could a girl ask for? A few minutes later I started getting texts from my friends saying they were arriving as well.

"Likeable" Lobster & Crab Salad Sammies
Once we all got changed into bathing suits and robes we made our way over to get hand treatments and sip a glass of champagne before drooling over the app spread and dessert table (no pictures of that, sadly). The pampering was perfect for a night of facebooking (Is that what it's called? Maybe just networking?), tweeting, eating and drinking. We got a quick picture of everyone in their robes and made our way to the food line. They had the most adorable little appetizers for us with some social networking savvy names.

We enjoyed some kobe beef sliders with cheddar and grilled onions, lobster & crab salad rolls, seared ahi tuna with aioli, hummus topped with duck, and chocolate covered strawberries paired with bellinis. Does that not sound delicious? It was hard not to go back for more again and again. Tasty and perfect.

More delicious food!
While we sat down to eat we breathed in and enjoyed what was around us. Not only did the grounds look phenomenal they smelled fantastic as well. There were beautiful flowers and shrubs all around us and the fragrance of the plants added to the perfect night.

We chatted, hunted for eggs (the winning eggs were good for fabulous prizes), answered trivia for a chance to win some more prizes and enjoyed the beautiful San Diego evening. It was a great event and a great opportunity to enjoy our city and all that it has to offer. Thank you, San Diego MOMfia and Spa La Costa, for the fabulous night. 
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