It's Time For A Change!

In hairstyles that is! Today's the day I get my locks chopped. And if I have enough length I'm going to donate them to Locks of Love so another person can enjoy this beautiful hair.

Below are a few styles I am looking at. I'll show them to my hairstylist (the fabulous Debbie Levie of Summer Salon in Little Italy). I really want a cut that will be fine if I just let air dry and hairbrush as well as something I can either curl or straighten and still achieve a nice look. My hair is hard though... it can be frizzy at times and has wave AND curl (curly underneath and wavy or straight on top). But I have faith in Debbie and her skills :)

More pictures to come later today of the results...

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Randi Moncur said... Reply To This Comment

love them! can't wait to see new do!