Dear M: Three Months Old

Wow! My little bitty is turning into a solid, rolly polly baby! I am so excited for this next stage in infancy for my little miss :) You are getting so much more fun! I heard my first almost laugh a few days ago. And your smile is just amazing. I love watching you watch your brother play all over the house (and all over you!). I wish I could catch some of these beautiful smiles on camera. I'm just not fast enough! Soon...

You are so strong. I'm pretty sure you'll be sitting up as early as your brother was (at 5.5 months I think...). You only need little support to stay in the seated position. You are fine with tummy time but don't hold your head up for too long if you don't have to. You much prefer to munch on your hands.

You are grabbing at everything now. Hair, toys, fingers, whatever we place in front of you. It's pretty fun to watch your motor skills get better and better at such a young age. And everything you grab goes into your mouth. You have quite a strong jaw and like to nom on my fingers a lot. You'll even start to grab and suck on my face if I get to close or linger too long after giving you a quick kiss. You are drooling soo much! We almost think you may be teething already. Your brother started to drool around this time too although not as much.

See the tongue?
You enjoy watching whats going on around you and find it hard to get to sleep when fun stuff is happening. But you do sleep. I'm not sure how much because your brother makes it hard to gauge how long you really sleep at night with him getting up and coming into the room (and waking you up). But you are pretty quiet between putting you down for the night (in our bed) and waking up at 5am. Ahh... 5am wake ups. I'm not used to that! But it's worth it. You go down easy enough in the swing after that.

I'm going to attempt to put you in the crib soon. I said I'd start tonight but... eh. It'll happen eventually, right? I just love our cuddle time. If your brother slept through the night in his own bed I think I wouldn't mind having you in bed with us for as long as he was but I feel bad for you not getting the full night's sleep you obviously want with him waking you up every few hours.

One major thing we need to talk about, Miss Molly, is your refusal to take the bottle. Since Momma has gone back to work two days a week and Daddy is here with you I really need you to start taking the bottle and not starving yourself until Daddy brings you to me at lunch or until I get home! One feeding in 8-9 hours is NOT enough young lady. Luckily it's just two days a week and you eat plenty when I get back home. But I'd rather not have the added stress of you not eating on top of the stress of being away from you.

But even with your refusal to take a bottle Daddy says that you are quite pleasant to stay home with and he's really enjoying his time with you. I think he's extra excited for having an "extended" time being home with you. With your brother he only took 4 weeks (not including the one week after brother was born) off but they were 4 solid weeks off. With you he gets 2 days a week off until mid-May. Who doesn't like 4 day weekends? He's getting the best of both worlds just like Mommy gets every week!

I am so excited for this next month... you are starting to grow and observe and I even see a roll or two forming on your cute little thighs!! I love you sweet little one. You have really made me realize how perfect our life really is right now.

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BBKiddo said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my she just keeps getting cuter and cuter!! So precious! And great shots Dani you have become quite the photographer :)

mrsdanigirl8 said... Reply To This Comment

Thank you :)

Ann said... Reply To This Comment

I agree with all said by BBKiddo.
AMAZING!! I am so lucky to personally share with my extended family...grandchildren ARE the Blessings of a long life!