Adventures in Potty Training {Braving the Outdoors}

So after the 3 days of staying home and being with E at all times of the day we braved the outdoors on the 4th day for a trip to the pediatrician for E's 2 year check up, Target, and IHOP (for free pancakes). And guess what? He didn't have any accidents! Yup, he stayed completely dry. And he tried to go potty at both the pediatrician's office and at Target but didn't go. He tried again at IHOP before leaving to go home but didn't even let Daddy set him on the potty. Daddy didn't mind cause he questioned the cleanliness of the restrooms there.

BUT as we were driving to get on the freeway after eating at IHOP he said, "Momma, pee-pee!" so I looked around for a quick stop and luckily there was a Carls Jr. right on the side so we pulled in and I raced to get him into the restroom. I have no idea how long he can hold it from "Momma, pee-pee" to release time and I didn't want to chance it. But we made it successfully and he PEE-PEEd ON THE POTTY! My big boy :)

Below is a picture of how he was dressed for his first time out w/o a diaper... he picked out the hat:

So since we had such a successful day on day 4 (only one poo-poo accident, no pee accidents) we decided to go out again. This time to Barnes and Noble to exchange Daddy's nook (ugh... spot on the screen. Guess it's a common problem?), Babies R Us for some potty necessities (see picture below) and cool bottle caps for pumped milk, and to Costco for a few other necessities and lunch. E did awesome again and even went to the bathroom at Babies R Us and at Costco before we left to go home. So awesome.

I decided to order him a cool backpack since he's such a big boy and doesn't need a diaper bag anymore and I thought it'd be good to stock it with a few things. I'm also going to get some "big boy" wipes and seat protectors to go in there as well just in case. The travel potty seat is a must to make it easier for not only E but me as well. It's hard to balance him on the potty, make sure his pants and underwear are far enough down and to make sure I don't fall over :) I also have included disinfectant spray and an antibacterial foam in case the restrooms are out of soap for whatever reason (or if we have to pull on the side of the road... it happens, right?). I'm pretty sure we'll be prepared!

I can't believe how well he is doing and how exciting it all really is. My baby seems like such a big boy now. He's growing up so fast! Oh, and Day 5 today with no accidents whatsoever.

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Hope it keeps up. K still has days where he regresses (like today at school!).