Dear M: Two Months Old

Wow! Another month has already flown by! Miss Molly, you have been such a blessing! I love you so much and am sooo happy to be your mother. You make everyone smile when they're around you. Over the past month you've changed a lot. You are so strong. You can hold your head up like a four month old and are starting to become verbal. You coo and gurgle at us just like you were holding a conversation. You're getting a lot better and more tolerant of tummy time although you can't quite lift your head as high as Brother could at this age. But that's ok, sweetie! You don't need to.

You let us know exactly how you feel and what you want at all hours of the day. When you're tired you love to fall asleep in your swing. And when you aren't, you want OUT of there! You definitely let me know when you're hungry and wet as well. You will go from sitting straight up in my arms to throwing your head towards my breast in hopes of eating soon. And a messy diaper can make you go from happy, calm little Molly to wailing Molly in 2 seconds flat. So different from Brother who could care less if he was wet!

I can't wait to go to the doctor later this week and get your stats! You have definitely grown. You are starting to fit in a few of your 3-6 month outfits and your legs and torso are getting loooong. Your eye sight is drastically improving and you watch me move throughout the living room and kitchen as you start to fall asleep in your swing. You focus on things that get your attention and are calmed by certain sights. You like fans and lights and will stay pretty quiet in restaurants if they have them above the table we're sitting at.

You still hate your carseat and Mommy tries her best not to leave the house too much during the day. One trip a day is my limit with you until you can tolerate the drives more. I just can't stand to hear you scream (and you do... until you're in Mommy's or Daddy's arms) and know it upsets you. Brother doesn't mind slowing down his activities as he still gets to go to Grandma Ann's and Great Aunt Louise's every week and do fun things.

I'm excited to see you grow in the next month and the months after that. I am already in love with you and your personality and cannot wait to get to know you more! By the way, you aren't so serious all the time (as is show in your pictures). Mommy just isn't good at nailing focus just yet with her camera and all of your smiling pictures have turned out blurry :(

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Natalie | The Bobby Pin said... Reply To This Comment

good golly miss Molly! I'm sure she's going to hear that a few thousand times in her life. But she's totally adorable! I can see you and Joseph in her a lot!