M's First Visit to Disneyland

.. and E's upteenth visit :)

We went to my BIL's engagement party last night and since it just so happened to be right around the corner from Disney we decided to get a hotel and take the kids to Disneyland in the morning. E entertained Miss M as Daddy and I got ready. We were out the door by 8am and on our way to a fun adventure.

When we got to the park we made sure to get a family photo to document Miss M's first visit. Of course, she had already fallen asleep in the Ergo by then :) She stayed that way for just about the whole visit with a short awakening in between to eat and be changed.

E used his trusty map to tell us where he wanted to go...

And Miss M continued to sleep.

First visit... why to Mickey of course! Below is a totally UN prompted picture of E kissing Mickey. Yup. Just went right up to him and planted one on his cheek. I think Mickey thought he was just hugging him. That's my adorable little boy!

And a nice family photo for the baby book.

Next we moved on to Goofy. Goofy opened his arms wide...

And E jumped right in without hesitation ;)

Next we rode the train. E has been into dinosaurs lately and watches Dinosaur Train on PBS Kids almost daily so when Daddy told him he could see dinosaurs while riding a train he was all on board (or should I say 'All Aboard!'). The whole drive from the hotel to the park he would repeat "All Aboard!" "Dinosaurs!" "Choo!Choo!" so we had to go on the train first.

And next E went on his FAVORITE Disney ride, the carousel, while Miss M and I watched from the side.

We rode a few more Fantasyland rides, ate some lunch, and rode a few other rides including The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride and Pirates of the Caribbean. We stopped in the middle to feed and change Miss M and to grab a snack for E and Daddy.

Can you see Miss M smiling at her daddy while he's eating his Dole whip?

Because she was awake I wanted to make the most of the photo op... not sure how I feel about this photo.

And while this photo turned out blurry I love it because it captures exactly how the day was... peaceful and sleep filled for Miss M. She felt right at home at Disneyland.

After the Pooh ride I snapped this cute shot of E overlooking the little brook they have by the attraction. He was checking out the birds in the bush.

We then went into the gift shop and E was being silly. He saw this Princess hat and said "Sisser!" and than proceeded to ask me for it so he could try it on. You know, for sister...

We were home by 4pm and even stopped by In-N-Out for some linner (as Daddy calls it). It was a great trip! Especially because the ride home was 10 times less stressful then the ride up because Miss M and E slept the whole way! There were a few little cries in here and there but for the most part it was nice and peaceful.

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so cute! glad it was a peaceful trip!! love the mickey pics