Doubling Up

So I broke down and purchased a double stroller. And no, it wasn't the BOB. I went with a Phil & Ted E3 Twin and the only reason why I purchased this one instead of the double BOB was price. We just couldn't foot the hefty price tag that came with the BOB.

So I bought the stroller through Amazon for $319 plus free shipping. I already had most of this saved up and with a bonus I got at work in the form of a Visa gift card we were able to pay for it without putting anything on the debit or credit card. This was a great thing because I was also able to purchase a new pump as well with some Christmas money I received.

We've only tested the stroller out for walks around the neighborhood because sadly I have yet to teach myself how to close/fold the darn thing. Yup, I am really bad at reading directions to figure things out so I need Joseph to teach me how to fold it. We just keep getting busy and when I have free time he's either at work or working on a project in the house. Don't worry, I'll figure this out!

So far I really like the stroller. It doesn't come with an option for a carseat attachment but that really isn't a problem since Miss M doesn't care to sit in her carseat for very long. I could purchase a carrycot or a bassinet but really... is it worth the cost for just a few months? I think not. I just rigged up one of her blankets by rolling both sides inwards to give her a little cushion. Her side of the stroller is set up in the newborn position so it's about 90% reclined. So far she hasn't complained a bit (except when she's sick of laying down and wants to be held).

E doesn't have any complaints either and loves that he can climb in on his own. The sunshade doesn't seem to give enough coverage when the sun is at certain angles but I just use a receiving blanket to cover Miss M's side and I recline E a bit to shield him some more. It really isn't a big deal to me. But I am contemplating getting either a sunshade or a rain cover. But really... I don't think I'll purchase either and will just make due like I do with our current strollers.

Another thing that this stroller is lacking are cup holders. I don't forsee this being a problem and have already purchased a universal cupholder thing because I was going to use it with the umbrella stroller. Now I can just put it on here for the kids when they need it. I'm also going to buy a cup holder for myself too. Since using the snap-n-go again with Miss M I've realized how nice it is to have that option. Good thing Phil&Ted also sell one of those.

We're going to keep our umbrella stroller and hopefully sell our snap-n-go and travel stroller. I haven't used the travel stroller since Ethan was... well... I can't remember the last time I used it! So if you know of anyone who needs either of these strollers just send them my way :)

Here are a few pictures of the kids on our walk. Ignore Miss M's flailing. She was protesting the stop of movement.

Notice the plastic cover on the back of the stroller? Yeah, it's completely open without this. I, for one, kinda like this option since it allows a bit of air flow for the kids (am I just trying to sell myself on this?) and has kept Miss M a bit less sweaty on our walks. I'm sorry for those who are covered in snow but it's been in the 70s and 80s all week! Using the plastic cover doesn't allow for any sunshade so I use the receiving blanket to block the sun from Miss M's head here as well. It's not that big of a deal to me and I'm glad they include at least something to cover up the back.

So, in my limited use of the stroller I really do like it. It turns on a dime, is easy to maneuver and seems to be narrow enough. The real test will be taking it to the mall and squeezing it through doors. But I don't see this as a mall stroller... we bought it for being outside (zoo trips, Sea World, walks/jogs at the beach...). I'll keep you updated as we use it more and more!

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