All I Want for Christmas...

Yeah, I know it's super expensive. And I know we can buy it used. But Joseph really wants to purchase it from REI so we have their lifetime warranty. Not that I've ever heard of a BOB having any sort of problems.

This stroller would make life with two kids a heck of a lot easier. For one... I could actually start jogging again! Ever try to jog with a regular stroller. Yeah, not going to work. And the other joggers I've found and tried out just don't cut it. They aren't easy to push or steer and I always end up focusing more on correcting the jogger instead of actually enjoying my exercise.

Not to mention how much easier it will be to navigate the zoo and Sea World. This baby goes over anything and everything with ease. It's easy to steer and easy to fold up and down. The only downside is its weight but come one! Easy strength training, right?

I've been saving up all my pennies (what little I have) from blanket and hat orders as well as anything I sell on Craigslist or at garage sales. I have only made like $250 total but some of that money went to a few other things we needed for the baby so I'm down to $175. That plus the $90 I have in gift cards gets me almost half way there.

So I'm putting it out there... All I want for Christmas is this stroller :) Maybe if I share it with the universe the universe will make something happen so that I can earn the money to buy it! And I really don't NEED it by Christmas (cause who are we kidding... I'm not going to be up for ANY type of exercise by then) but it's good to have goals, right?

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