Last Zoo Visit with Ellie

E's best friend Ellie has moved across the country and is now residing in DC. So to fit in enough play dates before they left (yesterday) we filled the calendar with tons of things for Ellie to do with her friends over the past month. Wednesday we had our last meet up at the zoo and here are a few pictures to commemorate the day :(

E and Ellie had a blast with their buddy Cohen and a few others as we took advantage of the Mommy and Me program at the zoo. This meet up was titled "Meerkat Madness" and we got to check out all the fun things meerkats like to do. Since it rained the night before most of the meerkats were still underground but we got to see a few sentries (look-outs) perusing the hills.

We than took advantage of the free bus tour they were offering with this month's meet up and got to see lots of animals we haven't seen in a while since I pretty much refuse to do the huge hills 34 weeks pregnant ;) Enjoy the pictures!

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