We love Trader Joes

Every time we shop at Trader Joes we always find exactly what we need. Everythings in the same spot and we know what they carry. This helps me out when i meal plan. I know what I need to get at TJs and what I need to get at the farmers market.

The best part about TJs for me is the level of quality. They hold their suppliers and vendors to a certain level of standards that my husband approves of and their customer service is fabulous. If I'm not happy with something I simply return it with no hassle. And if I see something on the shelf I haven't tried before I simply ask if I can try it and an employee opens it up and gives me a sample.

Now to E the best part about TJs is not only their apple carrot crushers but the fact that he always gets a lot of stickers from what ever cashier is checking us out. They never limit him to just one. And he knows exactly where stickers go... On his head :)

If you haven't been to TJs and they're in your are I highly suggest stopping by.

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