28 Week Midwife Appointment

I don't think I've updated much on my midwife appointments so I thought I'd start since they're going to start happening every 2!! weeks now! The appointments are pretty boring but E knows the drill by now. We go in, go to the bathroom (while he says "mommy pee pee" over and over again), weigh ourselves and than play in the waiting room until we're called back.

Today was a bit different. I had my GD test (for gestational diabetes) and 45 minutes before my appointment I had to drink the glucose drink. Now people call me crazy but I LOVE the taste of it. Mmmm... tastes just like an orange Hi-C. And I craved orange Hi-C all throughout my pregnancy with E :) So we got called back to see the midwife. E climbs into a chair and knows he gets a snack. He eats the snack while the midwife answers any questions and measures my stomach. I'm measuring right on.

Than E knows we get to hear the baby. As soon as he sees the midwife get out the doppler he says "baby!" She puts the doppler on me and right away we hear the little heartbeat going. The midwife checked for the baby's position and the stubborn little thing is definitely NOT head down :) No wonder I keep getting kicked down there still. She's not too worried though. As long as baby girl turns by 32 weeks we should be good.

After the check up I had to have my blood drawn for the GD test and than got a Rhogam shot since I'm Rh negative (and Joseph refuses to find out his blood type since it involves needles). As soon as E saw the needle to draw blood he said "owie?" Oh, my cute little baby... I didn't even know you knew the association between needles and owies already. I mean, he never cries when he gets shots! So he saw me get my blood drawn and said owie over and over again. I reassured him that it only pinched Mommy when it went in but it didn't hurt as she was withdrawing the blood. Than he saw me get the Rhogam shot. I assured him again it was just like the shots he got (only administered more forcefully) and he seemed ok with it.

After that we were on our merry way. And the best part? I've only gained 11.5 pounds so far and I'm 29 weeks today!! YAY! I gained 35 pounds during my pregnancy with E so I'm hoping I stick under 20 with this one. It'll be a LOT easier to loose the weight if I don't put on additional weight now. But don't worry... I'm not dieting or watching what I eat. I'm just very active with my 18 month old :) A lot more active than when I was pregnant with E and working a desk job.

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Momma Bennett said... Reply To This Comment

Glad your appointment went well. Love your new belly pic, you look amazing!

Kat said... Reply To This Comment

HI! I found your blog via Wednesday Window. I'm currently just about 24 weeks pregnant! I have my GD test coming up in a few weeks too and I was nervous about what they make you drink.