Restaurant Rave: Kid Friendly Claim Jumper

So I have to say... we never really think of Claim Jumper when we think of restaurants to go to when we go out. We usually stick with our usuals or try something local and different but we had a few gift cards (thanks Mom!) to use up and I really didn't want to cook on Friday. So we headed out to the closest one and called ahead expecting a wait. We left the house at 6:15pm, got "reservations" at 7pm by calling and got to the restaurant at 6:30. We ended up waiting about 20 minutes but they were quoting 25-30 minutes to those coming in as we were without reservations.

They had checkers and chess in the lobby area to play so when a spot opened up at the chess table we took it. E was quite happy playing with the pawns, knights, kings & queens. It definitely kept him entertained while we waited.

When we were shown our table the first thing I noticed was that they put down a sticky placemat, oyster crackers & crayons with the kids menu and had already brought over a high chair. I didn't expect that. AND they sat us at a rather large booth. They must know a thing or two about having small children!

Our waiter came over right away and took our drink order. And than I headed to the salad bar to grab a salad for me and munchies for E to keep him occupied. By the time I got back and we decided on what we were going to get the waiter was there ready to take our order. And after we ordered E's meal he immediately asked if we wanted him to bring it out as soon as it was ready instead of waiting to bring it out with our meals. I was impressed :)

So E's meal came out and it was massive! We ordered the mini corn dogs with a side of seasonal veggies & fries. I was able to get a small plate to put two cut up corn dogs, some cut up carrots & zucchini and a few fries for him to pick at. And than I finished my salad and a few of his veggies (they were REALLY good!).

Our meals came out shortly after and of course were huge. Joseph got the tri-tip with corn & veggies and I got the BBQ pork sliders w/ fries. I shared my fries, he shared his veggies and the three of us were happy. Until E started to hit his melting point. The waiter was quick to bring the check and boxes and even ran back to get some nut-free toppings for Joseph's sundae (that we took home).

So all in all the food was good but the catering to kids is what I'd come back for. If we got another gift card :)

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