Learning New Words

I had a "meet & greet" yesterday with an OB in order to be an established patient with him just in case I'm not able to give birth at the birthing center I'm going to. While we were there I had to pee in a cup.

Ethan always wants to be with me when I'm in the bathroom (what kid doesn't?) and kept asking what I was doing. I said I was going pee-pee. I peed in the cup, put it on the counter and Ethan pointed to it and said "juice?". I said "no, that's mommy's pee-pee". He repeated "pee-pee!".

We washed our hands (whenever I was my hands he wants to wash his) and than walked out. As soon as he saw the nurse he yelled (well within hearing range of the waiting room) "mommy pee-pee!!" and started to giggle.

Now I am not quite sure if he actually knows what pee is even though we tell him when he does it (along with poo) but I just had to stop, pick him up, smile and quickly walk into the exam room. What else is he going to say next?

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