It's a...

If you can't read that... it says GIRL! Yup! Those three lines = a girl. I think I screamed it out before the tech had a chance to respond. I kept saying, "Joseph, 3 dots means a girl! It's a girl!" and then the tech confirmed that I was correct :)

Here's her profile. She has had a very prominent nose in each u/s (12 week and this one). So I'm sure she'll look a little different than E since his wasn't so prominent.

Here's her body (head on the left, abdomen in the center and than little scrunched legs on the right hand side). She's way more mellow on screen than E ever was. Each u/s we've had she's only moved a bit or was sleeping.

At our 12 week u/s the Dr. had to push on my stomach with the u/s stick to get her to roll over so he could get her neck measurement. E definitely was bouncing off the walls or doing flips every time we saw him on the u/s.

Maybe this means a mellow #2?

And here are her LONG legs! She decided to shut them and cross her ankles after we saw the goods. Modest already! The u/s tech said that her legs are measuring 2 weeks ahead of everything else. You know what that means! Another tall baby!

And just for comparison here are some pics of the 7w u/s, 12w u/s and 19w u/s:

It's crazy how much she's grown in such a short amount of time.

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Miranda said... Reply To This Comment

hurray for three dots! sounds like she's gunna have her mommy's long leggies!!

i'm thrilled! xo miranda

MeghanB said... Reply To This Comment

Yes! So exciting :) I remember seeing the three white lines and saying 'girl' before the u/s tech too :) PS I noticed "Best Start" in the corner of the pic..I have heard that place is wonderful - I would love to do a waterbirth next!