Fair Fun!

We were lucky enough to go to the fair twice so far. I am still working on the few pictures I took from E and my adventure last Tuesday but I do have a few from yesterday when we went with Daddy. We had a great time.

We got there at about 4:30 and just missed the pig races so we decided to take a look at the animals.

E LOVED the duh-duh's (ducks=all birds)

E's favorite duh-duh

Are they going to do anything?

Petting the sheep

Feeding the goats (or playing with their nostrils)

Daddy fed the animals with E

Some of the animals just laid around

After the animals we decided to go to the infield and check out the vegetable gardens and the camels (from a camel dairy!). We eventually found some stables where horses (from miniature to Clydesdale) and mules were. E played for a bit but than we all got hungry.

He wasn't too sure about this one...

Or this one at first...

But in the end didn't want to get off!

I already knew I wanted to try the fried dill with ranch. Come on... does that not just make your mouth water? And I suggested the tri-tip bbq sandwich to Joseph. So we shared a plate and some dills and were soon full. Afterwards we ran to the next pig race and made it just in time for almost front row seats.

I think E really enjoyed it although he kept calling the pigs doga's (what he calls dogs). I guess he thinks that anything with four legs is a dog :) We'll have to work on that! After the pig races we headed to the exhibit halls.

By this time it was getting dark and E was exhausted so we decided to head home. But not without picking up some goodies along the way. Joseph had a few requests for items to pick up and take home. We were to get two cinnamon rolls (one for when he got home and one for breakfast the next morning), a bag of kettle corn and than some bbq corn on the cob for the walk back to the bus (we parked for free and were bussed in... definitely the way to go). E shared my corn and I think he was in love. Every bite he took he closed his eyes and chewed really slow. Definitely my child.

On the busride home E fell asleep and was completely out by the time we got to the parking lot. We had a peaceful ride home and were ready for bed as soon as we hit the driveway.

All in all it was a great start to our Father's Day weekend!

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