Meet the newest member of our family...

Our car family that is :)

We now have our truck (my first car...), my Ion, Joseph's L300 and our new family car. An '08 VW Passat Wagon. This thing is awesome! Leather interior. Heated front seats. A sun roof. Automatic open/close on the trunk (a must when I have E in my arms along with the groceries). An iPod docking station. Low miles. And lots more!

It's a mocha brown color and the interior is tan. I know... I thought ewww at first when I heard mocha brown but it actually looks pretty nice. And the color seems to change in different light and in the shade.

And really... since the wagon was so hard to come by used (with dealer warranty!) we had to snag this deal fast! Last weekend we went to go up to San Juan Capistrano to look at a black version of this car. I fell in love after the test drive but Joseph had already said we couldn't buy just yet. So we went home and talked about it. We decided that it really was the car for us and made an appointment to go up the next Friday.

Friday came and we hadn't heard that the car sold so we got super excited. Than at about 2pm (3 hours before we were supposed to leave to go get the car) the dealer called and said the car had sold :( I cried a bit... I won't lie. But than my persistant husband got on the internet and started searching again.

He found this one in Murrieta and on Saturday started emailing the dealer to figure out the price. He got the dealer to as low as he could go (or so he said) and we made the decision to go up there last night. Luckily the car was still there and it was even better than the first car!

So we got it!

We're very happy and can't wait to show it off to the dogs. You know... cause that's why we bought it :) Sort of. We needed a vehicle to fit us, kids and dogs. Now E fits comfortably in the back and the dogs have more than enough room in the trunk. We're even going to get a rubber mat for the back (easier to hose down after the beach) and a grate to seperate the back seat from the dogs (so they aren't tempted to jump over and "visit" with E).

Super excited!!! I totally have a mom-mobile now :)

3 comment(s) with love:

MeghanB said... Reply To This Comment

oooh I love it! Can't wait to get my mom-mobile once my Honda has had enough

Ann said... Reply To This Comment

These cars are also called "Womb-mobiles". Congratulations....can't wait to "meet" it.

Tessa said... Reply To This Comment

She's gorgeous! I actually REALLY love the color, but I like brown :)