Big Boy Bed

Joseph and I have been discussing moving E to a twin bed for about a month now. We knew we wanted to make the transition by the time he was 14 months old so we could start enjoying our own bed and getting him used to his own room.

About two weeks ago while we were all sleeping E decided to launch himself over me to the other side and hit his forehead on the nightstand. He cried for a few minutes but I quickly nursed him and he fell back asleep. I noticed some wetness in the dark and turned on the light to see if it was blood. Yup. It was. And he had about a 1/8th of an inch gash in the middle of his forehead.

I asked Joseph to bring me the first aid kit and cleaned up the blood and put a bandaid on his wound. I than called the pedi on call and waited for them to call back. He called back in about 5 minutes and reassured me that we didn't have to go anywhere tonight since the bleeding had stopped but just to keep an eye on E. We were to come into the pedi's office in the morning to get the gash glued up.

We went in and the procedure was super easy. The pedi even commented that E was more calm than some of the older kids that came in to get glued up.

After that Joseph was more eager to pick up E's twin bed so that weekend we picked one up at Jeromes and went to Sam's Club to get a mattress. And now my baby boy is sleeping in a big boy bed with no problems!! He even helped Daddy assemble the bed.

I sometimes find myself falling asleep when I go in the middle of the nigth to comfort him but he's gone from getting up 4 times to getting up only 2 times! I usually take him into our bed at about 4-5 am when he gets up for the second time but that's just cause I'm lazy and want some sleep :) Other than that he naps in there perfectly and seems to really enjoy it! Hopefully this leads to easy weaning from nursing at night (we're going to start to attempt this at 15 months) and than maybe sleeping through the night?! I'm not holding my breath or anything...

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I have some "Mickey Mouse" themed twin sheets brand new in the package.
Do you want them?
Ethan looks so tiny in his "big bed"