No Cry Sleep Solution is a life saver!

So I bought the book everyone raved about so I could try to wean E off of nursing to sleep and than eventually get him to sleep in his room. My plan was to get E off the boob first (still nursing at night... just not all the way till he's asleep) and than get him into his own bed. We're currently looking for twin extra long frames to fit the mattress we already have. I assumed getting him into a twin bed instead of trying for his crib or a toddler bed would be less stressful for all of us since he's only slept in a bed. And a roomy one at that (not for us!).

My goal is 15 months. By the time E is 15 months I want him in his own room. But in my mind I have pushed it to 18 months just in case. What can I say? I'm a softy. This is why we aren't doing CIO. I just couldn't handle it :(

So we started working on our sleep routine on Thursday. We gave ourselves an hour of quiet/wind down time including changing into pj's and a night time diaper, playing in the bedroom quietly with Daddy while Mommy puts clothes away, reading 3 books, prayers and than nursing. E was asleep by 8pm. Success!

The next day, Friday, I wanted to get to bunco after E was asleep. In order to do this I needed to get him to sleep by 7pm. Would it work? Well... I found out that he got up from his last nap at 3pm. Score! He would definitely be exhausted by 6pm to wind down and sleep by 7pm. Guess what? Success again! I got to bunco on time and E was asleep.

The greatest success I've had out of the past four nights was last night. E nursed, pulled off, sucked his thumb, rubbed my arm and WENT TO SLEEP! Without the boob!!! Success is sweet!

Now I need to focus on naps. I have started to see that E normally goes down for an hour nap at 9:30am (currently he is sleeping) and again at 2:30pm. So he sleeps for 2-3 hours during the day and 11-12 hours at night. This is the perfect amount of sleep for a little one his age.

I really think we can do this. Slow and steady definitely wins the race. I'll keep you updated!

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MeghanB said... Reply To This Comment

awesome! Glad you and your hubby will finally have your bed back :) I am hoping we can get Sophie to do the same :)