E's First Hair Cut

My baby is getting so big! His first hair cut went great. No crying, no whining... he seemed to enjoy it! He stood still for the most part and was fascinated by the toys his hair stylist gave him. He also got a few veggie straws to munch on while in the chair as well :)

We got some video of it but it's like 4 minutes (J is king of long videos) so I'll have to wait for it to upload to YouTube. Here's some pictures for now.

Once she was done she gave him a cute little fluff in the front and I had already put away the camera :( E was ready to get out of the chair by then so I didn't get it back out. But we got a certificate and locks of his hair to remember the day!

4 comment(s) with love:

BBKiddo said... Reply To This Comment

Looking good E! What a big boy :)

Tammy said... Reply To This Comment

So handsome :-)

Miranda said... Reply To This Comment

the side part, complete with tracks from the comb, might just be the cutest thing i've ever seen.

i miss that little guy every day!

when are you going to give him a little brother or sister! ????


Natalie | The Bobby Pin said... Reply To This Comment

So cute! He's a little boy, not a baby! Oh goodness!