Rainy Days

For the past few days it's been really raining hard off and on. There's even been some tornado warnings up north and Joseph's cousin reported a water spout about 6 miles from where she lives. We are definitely not used to these types of storms in Sunny So Cal.

But it's sorta fun! I mean, hey, these are my days off work so we didn't have to drive anywhere and have already done all of our errands this past weekend so what's not to enjoy about cuddling up with my baby and watching the rain fall?

Now if it keeps up for Thursday and Friday I'm in trouble cause I gotta work and that means that both E and I will be on the road. Hopefully it won't rain on the way to or from work :)

Here are a few shots of E and the house yesterday:

E watching the rain from out the doggy door (the flap keeps him from getting wet :))

E telling me what he saw out there... "Mommy, this stuff was falling from up there and..."

A few sprinkles/light showers

When the rain really started (sheets of rain falling like crazy along with strong gusts of wind)

The puddle in our backyard

A better shot of the backyard

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