Dear E: Eleven Months

Little man... I feel like I keep repeating this over and over but you have grown SOOO much! You are definitely becoming a little boy and every day I wonder where my little baby went. You are such a joy to be around and I am so blessed to be able to stay home with you three days out of the week.

You are wanting to walk with us holding your hands a lot more. Before you wanted nothing to do with it but you're doing it more and more as I assume you are preparing to take your first steps. You cruise everywhere and crawl faster than ever.

You've started to clap more and you do this whenever you get really excited. You've also started crawling backwards. We were over at great-grandma's house for lunch and you kept doing this whenever you got stuck under the table.

You try to mimic a lot of what Daddy and I say and do. You even started to say Dog (Dah) and a form of what we think is Jetta (Do-Dah!). So on top of Mom and Dada you now regularly point to dogs and say Dog.

You are on the verge of some sort of developmental boom. I just feel it. You have been doing little things here and there and you are always watching everything we do and say very intently. You just soak everything in and I love it!

We are starting to plan your first birthday party and I just can't wait to celebrate with all of our friends and family. I'm sure you are going to have a blast with all of your friends :) Can you do one thing for me, though? Slow down a bit... I want to enjoy this as much as possible!



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Miranda said... Reply To This Comment

he's huge! i love that he's sitting on his knees like such a big boy!