Scored on E's 1st Birthday Present!

Joseph and I took E out tonight to get a Christmas tree (pictures to come soon) and while we were out we stopped at GTM to see if there were any gifts for one of E's friends (his 1st birthday party is tomorrow).

While we were there we picked up a bunch of random stuff. Because that's what you do at GTM. We got some grits (I've never had these and really wanted to try and make cheesy grits cause they sound fabulous!), some Electrasol, some Bobs Red Mill pizza crust mix, some modeling clay that turned out to be all dried up :( and some brown sugar.

As we were nearing the toy and "large items" aisles I left Joseph and took E to the toys to see what we wanted to get him. We couldn't decide on one of two items so we went to find Joseph to see what he thought. As soon as I saw him he said, "Look! They have that cube thing you want to get E for his birthday. You think it's a good deal?"

I looked at the price tag and thought yeah, good deal! I think they go for $100 elsewhere and it's only $75. So we picked it up and bought it. I just got online to check the price of it elsewhere and here's what I find.... SCORE! We basically saved $100 and it's in perfect condition... just a few rips in the box :)

I couldn't be happier. Now we have Christmas AND E's birthday complete. Here's to enjoying the holidays...

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