Picking out the Christmas tree

We have a 3 foot artificial tree that I purchased for $10 quite a while ago (think 7-8 years ago!) and we use it fairly frequently. At least every other year. Last year we didn't use it... nor did we bother to buy a tree either. It was just too much work. Our kitchen was a mess and the remodel wasn't finished so what was the point?

This year is COMPLETELY different! Joseph and I had been contemplating whether we should get a real tree or just bring out the artificial tree and after much thought Joseph decided he wanted a real tree for E's first Christmas.

So off we went... in search of a real 3 foot tree :) Nothing bigger... we don't have the room!

Daddy dressed E in his forest animal footsie pajamas and a nice warm sweater

Daddy and E testing out the trees

E picking out our tree

Mommy and E saying Cheese!

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