A Second Tooth!

So now Joseph and I know why E was up at 3am on Friday night! He's getting a second tooth... Right next to the first one :) I am amazed at how fast this second one came in since it's only been 2-3 weeks since the first one started coming in.

He's a lot more drooly this time around. And he is loving biting on EVERYTHING. His new favorite obsession are the wheels of his stroller. He thinks they're mighty tasty. We went to Disneyland yesterday and we put him on the ground (on a blanket) to play around while Cousin Aaron (first time at Disneyland!!! Pictures to come) went on Autopia with Uncle Joseph and the thing he kept running to was the wheels. Grandma Ann was smart enough to cover them up with part of the blanket.

He is going to look sooo cute with his two bottom teeth.

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