Another Vent...

So I guess no one but my mother in law reads this blog now :( So sad! The blog is mainly for me and for Ethan when he gets older so it doesn't really matter but it is sorta depressing in a way.

I'll just pretend that all my readers are super busy this week and just haven't had a chance to comment...

3 comment(s) with love:

Tammy said... Reply To This Comment

Umm, excuse me dear...we both know reading your blog how I find out about and see pictures of my grandson...:-)

Miranda said... Reply To This Comment

dsjfdksjfkldjfdlks i'm here!!!!! i've been silently tsk-tsking you for never updating while my blogger hasn't been delivering them!

BBKiddo said... Reply To This Comment

I read! Now that I found it again.... :)
I was wondering why it wasn't on my gr anymore, I'll just have to remember to check in when I need an E update (which is often) He is seriously the happiest baby I know and always brings a smile to my face