Safety: Baby Proofing

We changed things around in our living room to accommodate our new lifestyle. One of the major things we needed to do was to find storage for E's toys. Since he's had a fond interest in the end tables we decided to take all the junk we were storing in them and filling them with his toys. He loves it! He can go in at any time to pick up a toy or two and than is on his way.

And he loves the fireplace area so much we decided to just put a whole bunch of toys up there too so he doesn't climb up and hurt himself. We put a bunch of his soft blocks in the wicker basket (to the right of E in the picture) and put his bumbo with Tad his leap frog frog in it to block the space that he's currently occupying in the picture above.

It's kept him from getting into too much trouble. He knows where he can go and what drawers he can get into (i.e. pots and pans drawer). He hasn't yet tried for any of the other drawers/cupboards yet *crosses fingers*. His favorite spot lately is the coffee table we're using to house our cable box/DVDs/Wii and Wii games/etc. He loves to pull up on the table and cruise from one side to the other getting into all the fun stuff up top.

I really didn't want to hide everything/tape stuff off/put up blockers because E is going to go to other houses with the same types of set ups. I would rather redirect him from something dangerous/off limits than to completely block it from him so that when he goes somewhere new where it's available he goes right for it. It's worked for us so far!

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